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Posted by Sheila Mo on

Hello my Beading Lovelies!
We were once known formerly as '', but we are now '' !
And you are now able to buy from us here online!
We are known for our quality and value for money products and our friendly service! 
We are gradually adding available stock onto the website at present, so do bear with us. But if there are items that you want to know if we are going to sell online do contact us, and we will try and help. Otherwise keep visiting us here at to see all the available stock updates. 
**Please note the availability of stock available on here at OR at our physical shop (Birmingham MoMo Bead Shop) will be different. Please also check the pricing, as it may differ depending whether you purchase items from here at or from our physical shop.**
We do still have our physical shop at: 
Birmingham MoMo Bead Shop
295 Highfield Road,
Hall Green,
Birmingham B28 0BX
(Closed temporarily due to the Governmental guidance of Lock down)
Happy beading!
Sheila :D x
Please note, for those who go to there will be a button on there to click, that will bring you here at